Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week End Catch Up

Can you believe that we are on the eve of the last day of Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas 2011?
The days have gone quickly and the tags have been amazing.

Day 11 was all about Glossy card stock and Shrink plastic. I didn't have any shrink plastic so I had to be all about the glossy card stock.

The retro colors used help accent the vintage look of the stamp set used on this tag.

No shrink plastic for me so I had to make my holly and branches from more glossy card stock and berries from distress stickles.

Day 10's technique was making transparencies from packing tape and foil backing.
The technique really makes the facet and fragments sparkle like crazy.

With all the light bouncing from the facets and fragments I couldn't help but to add more bling on the corners of the tag. Love this technique.


  1. Once again beautiful tags Stephen. I really like the additional bling you added. It makes the tag "pop"

  2. Your tags are wonderful!

  3. Both are great, but your day 10 is so rich and extravagant everything about it!

  4. Consider your sanity spared by not doing the shrink plastic/melt pot embellishments. I know mine (sanity) was totally tested, LOL.
    Love the rich bright colors and stickles berries.
    And the day 10 tag is just plain lovely.

  5. Your tags agreat and all came out lovely with your own ideas added.