Monday, February 18, 2013

The Homemade Gelli Plate Experiment

OK, so I kept hearing about Geli plates and wasn't quite sure what they were all about. Well of course if you Google anything you can find out more than you ever knew existed about something. Well that being said I learned about Gelli Plate Art.  Well.. It appears that there is currently only one manufacturer and it was more that I wanted to spend without knowing if I would like this type of art so.... I did what most guys like to do, I found a do it yourself substitute. There are several on YouTube with very clear step by step instructions. Below is my journey.
 This is my Gelli plate still in the tray. Plastic wrap on top and bottom. The layer on the bottom made it easier to remove from the tray. The layer on the top kept it from drying out in the fridge for its made from real gelatin.
This is how it looked removed from the tray but still on the bottom layer of the plastic wrap.
These are the paints I used for the experiment. Making Memories Scrapbook acrylic paints.
This is the plate covered in paint.

And this is the first full page print.
Honestly I wasn't to excited but kept playing with colors and the amount of paint.
 Decided to try a tag.
That became several tags in several color combos.
How about trying a stencil from Crafters Workshop. This is the image on white paper.

This is how it looked on black. I really like this one a lot!
How about some number tags? I think these will work great for Birthdays with all the numbers in the background.
  Here are some in different colors.

How about with an Umbrella man die cut as a stencil?  As you can see I quickly became very addicted. These are just a few of the tags I created. I really like this a lot and will be playing again. I will most likely end up buying a gelli plate but until then I love my homemade one. If you haven't tried it, do. I'm sure you will come up with some great creations too!