Friday, August 23, 2013

"LWD Design Team Showcase: " Dylusions Ink Sprays, Stencils, & Stamps by Dyan Reaveley"

OK folks it time for my Second Team Showcase for Lone Wolf Designs.
This time I'm all about getting Dylusional....

If you haven't tried Dyan Reaveley's ink sprays, stencils and stamps then do yourself a favor and order some today. They are so much fun to work with and they produce incredible effects that are hard to achieve using other products. All her designs cant help but make you smile!

This is the stamp set I will be using for this showcase.
Pondering Petunia DYR34483

I will be using plain card stock and manila tags for today "Ghosting" example. Her products can be used on all types of dry paper mediums tags, card stock, cards, journal pages, etc...

Make sure you are working on a Inkssentials Craft Sheet by Ranger.
Begin by choosing colors at random just spray pools of color all over your card stock.
There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just spay until you are Happy!

Next place a stencil of your choice over the inked card stock and spray liberally with water.
The stencil I'm using is called Chequered Dots DYS33981.

Then using some paper towel gently blot away the water from the open areas of the stencil. Make sure you get the water blotted from  all the openings.

When you remove the stencil you will see the "Ghost" image of the stencil. This is a great way to add depth to all your projects. You can spray and repeat this technique several times to get multiple layers of depth if you like.

Not wanting to waste any of the ink I like to use a tag to swipe up all that inky goodness off the craft sheet.

These are nice to have on hand for any future projects. You will have a tag with the first background layer already there.

This is a completed project I made for my art journal using these techniques.
 I used Copic markers to color the stamped image.

Being the frugal crafter I even save the paper towels to use in collage art pieces. I just love getting to use every bit of the ink I can. 

I hope this has inspired you to give Dyan's products a try. You wont be disappointed.
Of course you can find all these product and more at 25% off MSRP at
 Lone Wolf Desigins, LLC 
Get the insider pricing at:

 Facebook group. If you haven’t joined us yet, you’re paying too much for your craft supplies! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

World of Color Journal- A page for Sox

Yeah.... We are starting another Round Robin Journal Swap. I have sent my book on its journey and I have in returned received my first one to work in. This one is for Sox. The color palette that she chose was Sepia and black.
 The front page has a tag I created using tissue paper, tissue tape and gel medium. I started by covering the tag with bits of tissue tape. I then stamped onto tissue paper and applied it with gel medium.

 This is a close up of the tag. I used a steam punk embellishment I got from a close friend. You know who you are  ;)

This is the back of the page. Don't you just love this paper? It's hard to tell whats printed and whats layered with this look.

This is a close up of the journal tag that I stamped with the completion date of my work.

It was a lot of fun to work in and I hope she likes it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Round Robin Book Comes Home!!

Remember this? Back at the end of January it started its trip around the country. This is my Round Robin Journal entitled Eclectic Gentlemen.
This is the cover I made.
This was the front of the page I created.

And this is the back. As you can see there on the right side a bunch of blank grunge board pages just waiting for some Very Talented Artist.

Well Saturday the mailman brought my book back home to me.
The following images are the pages front and back. Front pages will be on the right of the screen and obviously the backs on the left.
Starting with Elena Vigil- Farinas
Kimberly Laws 

Eileen Bellomo
Mary Beth Janisse
 Rhea Freitag
Lynn Stevens 

Carol Sweeney

Gloria Alexander

Pam Austin

 Deb Ring
The back of Debs page and the inside of my back cover.

Needless to say I am completely delighted with this one of a kind work of art. Several of the pages have pull outs and flip features that I just cant photograph well enough to do them justice.
 I will treasure it forever....  Thank you so much for making it just over the top special for me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Art Journals, An Ending and a Beginning.

As the Round Robin Ive been playing in comes to and end another one is beginning.
First the End.
The last journal for me to work in was for Elena. This is the 2 page spread I created for her book
Using tones of red and craft I created a French/Victorian page with a young lady in waiting.
On the opposing page I clustered red poppies, some bling, and a wooden word embellishment that reads Be True.

Below is a close up of the girl. Behind her I have a train ticket stamped with the date I finished the page and my Bearcrazyman autograph.
This swap was a lot of fun and very challenging to create so many different pieces for some very special artists.

Now for the Beginning. This swap is entitled World of Color.
Each artist was to choose 2 colors and create their pages. I picked Purple and Gold. I have always thought that combination just had an air of Royalty to it.
This is the front of my page that I covered with a deli paper gelli print and stamped images from
Dina Wakely. Grunge board embellishments that I embossed help the images to pop.

The back of the page continues with another image from Dina and a blinding gold background.

This is a little pocket I included inside the front cover for each artist to sign to form and index of all the players.
 I just know that this will be another amazing piece since the artist playing along are superior in their art.