Thursday, August 15, 2013

Art Journals, An Ending and a Beginning.

As the Round Robin Ive been playing in comes to and end another one is beginning.
First the End.
The last journal for me to work in was for Elena. This is the 2 page spread I created for her book
Using tones of red and craft I created a French/Victorian page with a young lady in waiting.
On the opposing page I clustered red poppies, some bling, and a wooden word embellishment that reads Be True.

Below is a close up of the girl. Behind her I have a train ticket stamped with the date I finished the page and my Bearcrazyman autograph.
This swap was a lot of fun and very challenging to create so many different pieces for some very special artists.

Now for the Beginning. This swap is entitled World of Color.
Each artist was to choose 2 colors and create their pages. I picked Purple and Gold. I have always thought that combination just had an air of Royalty to it.
This is the front of my page that I covered with a deli paper gelli print and stamped images from
Dina Wakely. Grunge board embellishments that I embossed help the images to pop.

The back of the page continues with another image from Dina and a blinding gold background.

This is a little pocket I included inside the front cover for each artist to sign to form and index of all the players.
 I just know that this will be another amazing piece since the artist playing along are superior in their art.


  1. and my aplogies for the mispelling of your name.. atrocious mistake.. so sorry...

  2. Love your colors, and can't wait to begin work on my page for you.
    And your page for Elena is gorgeous, and I know she'll love it.
    Have a good weekend!