Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6... Yippee Halfway Done

As most of you know we are halfway through the 12 Tags of Christmas being hosted by

Since I am making 2 each day this was actually tag 11 and 12 for me. I can honestly say that today's challenge of Distressed/ Enameled Metal was more kind to me than yesterdays challenge.

As Tim states it don't look like much when you are creating it but the results well they speak for themselves.

I didn't have any of the self adhesive metal pages that Tim used so I substituted metal heating and a/c duct tape. Works great and looks really good. Cost next to nothing at your local hardware store.

I have to admit the pictures don't do the art justice. They look and feel like antique metal tags. This technique is a keeper for sure!

Not having any of the Holiday charms I substituted a mover and shaper cut out that I finished with the same technique. It doesn't show so well for it was painted silver/gray. But it mimics the deer already in the background.

Silver rick rack finishes the tag off for a complete metal overload look.

Tag 7.... Bring it on! :)


  1. Great job! I love how this technique really mimics the look of vintage enamel.

  2. Wow, your tags turned out GRRRRRREAT!

  3. This turned out very nice! I used metal tape on mine as well.

  4. Duct tape!!!You win the prize!!! Genius...and they look fantastic! I love how you made the deer larger! Keepers for sure!!!

  5. Stephen,
    Great work. I love the air conditioning duct tape idea. Now you've got my head spinning with ideas. I really like the festive and bright colors you used on your tags.

  6. wow the technique looks fab. Great tags. x