Thursday, December 1, 2011

He's Back!!!

Not just me.... But Tim Holtz is back with his 12 Tags of Christmas!!

I have been absent for so long I cant believe it. I even missed my 2nd Blogversary :(
However I cant think of a better way to get my creative muse back in high gear than to get going with Tim's Tags.

There was much anticipation that Tim would use his new pine cone die and to the delight of many of us he did!!

No your not seeing double but every year I make 2 sets of tags and give one to my sister for an open me now Christmas gift. I always give them to her the day after the designs end.
The past 2 years she has framed each set of hers in shadowbox frames and displays them during the Holidays.

I didnt have any of the baubles that Tim uses but hey its all about inspiration isn't it. Just use what you do have. In my case I blinged up some filigree shower curtain rings. I think they look great.
I also do not have the strip die with all the holiday greenery but I had some leaves and used more bling instead. I love the way they turned out and cant wait to see tomorrows tag challenge.

WOW it feels so good to be back!


  1. Super tag! Love that shower curtain ring! Your sister will be thrilled.

  2. This turned out awesome! Lucky sister! I love that you used what you go got. Its all about inspiration! Thanks for playing along!

  3. And I couldn't be happier to see you back! I've missed your posts, and your tags are simply gorgeous.

  4. I'm so glad you're back! I was the same way last year - the tags totally recharged my mojo and it looks like they've done the same for yours. Gorgeous work!

  5. What a wonderful gift! Your tags are fabulous.

  6. Great to have you back Stephen. I wondered why you went Awol! LOL
    Love those touches of browns on your tags and shower curtain rings never looked better! LOL How wonderful you make a set for your sister. Lucky girl and that she frames them, such a great idea!!!
    mine all all in a box. just might have to borrow her idea!
    Happy Holidays

  7. Absolutely love your tags!!! You've got an awesome flair!

  8. Great tags! Love the shower curtain ring bling.

  9. Очень красивая, хорошая работа!

  10. wow! Did you do two tags even? You are the best master of all! Great job!

  11. That is a wonderful gift idea and you are so right about the inspiration aspect! You get great marks for originality and I think I really need that pine cone diecut, too. My hubbs also rides a motor cycle...wonder if he would like to craft with me? hmmmn?

  12. Beautiful tags. Wow to find shower rings like that! Brilliant to use them on a tag! lol

  13. I love the way the leaves look; beautifl colors

  14. I forgot you do that - make 2 sets. You are so sweet to do that for your sister!!
    Your versions are beautiful!

  15. Beautiful! Great idea to make the second set and how fab that she treasures the gift.

  16. what a great substitute ! and your sis is lucky...I am planning to do something very similar in making 2 or 3 of each...and putting them on all my holiday packages.