Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12 Tags of Christmas 2010

Yes, It's finally here....

Day 1

Well, Lets just say all I had that Tim used was the inks, the ticket die, the texture fade and the stamp. I had to improvise the rest.
But hey, this is what its all about Inspiration!

No, you're not seeing double. Every year I make 2 of the tags each day. One to keep and one for an early Christmas present for my sister.
No Rickety House die, but I do have another Halloween House by Sizzix. That'll work!

I didn't have the picket fence die, but I do have the rosette die. Well what do you know it looks just like a white picket fence. Who Knew??

I also didn't have the Prima wire branch, but I do have the branch tree die. Run it through another texture fade and it looks great. Instead of the holly garland wreath, I used an ornament and my placement really made it stand out.

It also gave the tag weight it the front enough to make it free standing. How cool is that??
Thanks Tim, Cant wait for tomorrows challenge...


  1. Great job Stephen, Love your idea of using the rosette for the fence, Bravo!

  2. that tag is super & how sweet to think of your sis-bet she loves every one of them.
    ( ATT member)

  3. Great personalizations, Stephen!
    Remember, if your sister doesn't want her set, I'll take them! *lol*

  4. Way cool! What house die did you use? It looks great! ~Erin Glee

  5. I love them! Great job, Stephen. I wish I too was your sister :)

  6. Great job... I can't wait to try it on my own!

  7. I love it! Great idea, using the rosette as the fence! I just love when creativity overcomes the lack of supplies, LOL.

  8. Great job.Your tag is excellent! Wish I had thought of the tree and rosette ideas. I didn't have the called for dies but it all worked out!

  9. Love it Stephen!! GREAT Tag!! Love that you used the rosette for the fence. DINK didn't think of that and cut mine out (and my house) by hand :)

  10. Great Job!! They look beautiful!!


  11. Great job! I love the tree and fence. Your sister must really enjoy your art work.
    Hugs, Pat Smith

  12. Hay looking good, love the embossed tree, i didn't have many of the items either but still managed to play along :) Roll on the next one woo hoo lol

  13. Love the idea that you came up with for the fence. that is one that I am going to scraplift. Thanks!

  14. Beautiful job Stephen. You have one lucky sister.

  15. Hello Stephen,

    last year you made also tags for your sister and I took the idea and make two also. One for me and one for the christmaspresent of my friend !

    Nice tag in its whole, but my favorite is the fence !!! Great idea to use this as a fence . You're completely right about using it as a fence : it looks perfect. Fun that it stays up by itself now too :)

    greetings from belgium