Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Tags of Christmas 2010 Day 3

Well those 3 days went fast.... You know that I'm talking about

Feeling a little under the weather but wanting to keep up my tags maybe a little like copy cats but I didnt want to fall behind and my creative muse is feeling like a cold coming on.
I love the way Tim works in layers on these tags. I keep telling myself I need to remember that when Im designing my own creations.

I did change up the embellishments a little. No ribbon, or tinsel.

I do like the way my gold trim nest turned out. :)


  1. Yes, your birds have very festive Holiday hangouts... I think I heard them chirping " I'm just a bird on a guilded nest!".
    Take care fighting off that Cold. You'd better be in bed right now! ~Erin Glee

  2. Very cool, love the colors, great job on your tags! Perfect!
    Jamie (fellow ATTer)

  3. Another set of great tags! Get well soon,

  4. So sorry to hear your not feeling well. Kudos for keeping up and your gold nest really creative!

  5. I'm fighting a cold too! It sucks, but it doesn't stop us, does it?
    Your tags are wonderful, as usual, and can I tell you I just LOVE your birdie's posh nest!! I'll bet he's the envy of the flock.

  6. Love your tags, Stephen!! FABULOUS Colors!! and yes that trim worked great!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  7. Two more great additions to you and your sister's collections!

  8. Another fabby creation, love the pink birds. Annette

  9. Hello Stephen,

    These are wintertags for a princess !
    The golden nest, the golden string, the pink bird :)

    My tags do look a bit like Tim's, cause I want them to be a resource for the techniques, but I like to look for alternatives if I don't have the same stuff. Luckily in every tag there are things that I don't have :)

    Great idea of using the gold trimming as a nest !

    greetings from belgium

  10. Nice bird!!! I am really mad on this sort of flower))) It looks great!