Monday, December 7, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas, Day 7

Day 7 of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas is here and no your not looking at his tag, this is indeed mine.

Being Monday and in a hurry as not to fall behind I am guilty of complete plagiarism. I recently got the Santa stamp he used and I loved the tag so much that I made mine just like his. Loved it so much I made two of them.

There is one exception. The word charms he has been using, well I don't have any of those so I snagged the image off of the Internet of one and printed it out. Inked it up some and put in on a round metal rimmed tag that I did have. I think the look turned out pretty good if I do say so....

Close up of the faux metal charm.

Day 8 is tomorrow. Will be two thirds done after that.


  1. Brilliant idea, Stephen! And I don't think your tag is a copy at all. The colors and flourishes look like your own. Very beautiful.

  2. very beautiful..scraps to art man you are definitely original awesomely beautiful art.
    susan salyer