Friday, December 11, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas, Day 11

Its hard to believe that its almost over. I have enjoy every tag, some more than other. All of them have taught me some great techniques that I'm sure that I will use over and over again.
Today's tag was about canvas flowers and covering your own brads. I didn't have the tool Tim used, Big Surprise but made do with what I did have.

Really like the canvas flowers

Close up of the covered embellishments.


  1. Beautiful, Stephen!! If I may ask - where did you get the center pieces?

  2. I love this in the red color and especially your flowers and brads. great job on it! I have to make #6 and then #12 tomorrow or soon after and I will be all caught up also. I did, #10, 11, 4, amd 5 all today! Gotta get some rest now. Kathy Eddy

  3. As always, you not only made do with what you have, you made GORGEOUS!
    I too, am sad that it is now over, but all the techniques we've learned should keep us going til next December.
    And, I look forward to seeing the next bearcrazyman creation, whatever that may be!
    Eileen in NYC

  4. Hello Stephen,

    I like your colorcombination of the pink and the green.
    Your flowers ARE lovely : how did you make the centerpieces ?
    I don't have the tool also, so I'm curious how you made yours :)

    I read on ATT you made two of each to give away to your sister. Don't tell anyone, cause I'm doing the same... I'm making them for my best friend and I want it to be a surprise :)

    greetings from Belgium