Friday, December 4, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas, Day 4

Wow we are up to day 4 already. I had to improvise a lot today for I didn't have any memory capsules, trinket pins, and a few other items. Oh well learning the technique is what its all about right?
I love the way the multicolor collage stamping looks. Since I didn't have all the components Tim used I couldn't make a pin. But since I loved the dangle look of the tag I created a word component by using adage tags, glossy accents and a fragment charm.
Tag 1

Close up of fragment charm

Tag 2

Close up of fragment charm on tag 2. Notice the small metal tags I added to the swivel clasp.
Day 5... Bring it on.


  1. Very cool and I love that ribbon! I finally got a chance to play along today. I haven't gotten today's started but I finished the other three days and made two of the plaids. Fun, fun!!! They are on my blog and in the ATT folder under Kathy Eddy if you want to see them. Kathy

  2. Love the colors that you used on this tag!

  3. I love your tags...the brilliant colors really pop. I think your substitutions are wonderful..not really substitutions at all, but your creativity and personality coming out. Great work!