Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas, Day 12

OK I'm a couple of days late but I got them done. I have loved working along with everyone in making these tags this year. I will miss the daily excitement and anticipation of another challenge.

I have never made the grunge paper roses before. I guess I made mine a little too big or bigger than I thought so I went with one one each tag instead of two.

Close up of yellow grunge rose

Close up of red rose

I used a trinket pin to attach my adage tags.


  1. How gorgeous! Your first GP roses? Impressive. You should see my first you shouldn't, lol. The first time I did one I was following written directions, no pictorial, and I curled everything the wrong way. What a mess!
    I really got them down pat by doing one on the cruise in one of Wendy's classes. Nothing quite like seeing an expert do it!
    Oh, Stephen, what to do now that the 12 tags event is over.....???
    Hmmm...maybe I should start a tag a day on my blog?
    Well, I'm blabbing. I really love all your tags, and admire your thinking ahead and making two of each.