Monday, October 18, 2010

More Cruise Goodies

Today the mail man brought more wonderful goodies from Eileen Bellomo. She also went on the Canada & New England Cruise with Tim Holtz.
Eileen was generous enough to send me some actual goodies from one of Tims workshops, a Handmade card and a great ATC that she made. I love the Statue of Liberty holding a Distress Pad!
Its fantastic as are all the things you sent. Thanks so much of thinking of me. You ladies are spoiling me rotten.

Well I was already rotten but you know what I mean, :)


  1. Well, you took over for Gloria so I wanted you to have a little bit of the cruise. Glad you like what I sent.

  2. She is one generous lady! And really fun to sit with at mealtime! lol! How cool!

  3. nice! I wish I had those rulers too! but u are to be rewarded kind sir!

  4. HOW FUN!!! Eileen is such a JEWEL! and yes you are Rotten!! HEE HEE