Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cruise Goodies from Gloria

Remember a while back when Gloria got me Tim's 100th Collection Stamp signed at the Carson show? I posted the song below:

Sung to the tune of The Mickey Mouse Club.

Who the leader of the Group that's made for you and me?
G - L -O -R - I - A is the best you see!

Well Im singing this song again for this time when Gloria went on the Canada & New England cruise she asked me to be the temporary list Dad for the

As a token of appreciation upon her return she sent me a Signed apron from the Cruise along with a signed Sizzix Catalog that Mario signed too!

How Great is That??

Gloria you are the Best.


  1. woohoooooo! Fabulous gifts, so well deserved, you did a great job taking care of us ATT'ers while Gloria was on the cruise :-)


  2. So cool! I'm particularly envious of the apron: Wear it with pride!

  3. Wow, how sweet is that!?! You so deserve it Stephen.

  4. great Gifts for a job well done.

  5. You scored! Gloria, Tim and Mario are so generous... and you did your List Dad so well!

  6. Wow, Stephen what fabulous presents!! You did a great job while Gloria was gone!!

  7. Oh Stephen, I am so excited for you! That was such a thoughtful gift from Gloria! She rocks, but you did too, while she was gone! You kept us busy!
    Hugs, Pat Smith

  8. Awesome Stephen, and how cool and thoughtful is that?

  9. And as I was keeping up with the group on my blackberry while cruising, I know you were doing a GREAT job. Super sweet of Gloria, and you certainly deserved the goodies!
    And who knows? More might be coming. It could happen.

  10. Hey Stephen! It pays to volunteer to do something doesn't it! Congrats on your autographed goodies! Now you can drool all over the Sizzix catalog, just not on the front cover.
    Aloha, Kate