Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Pennant Teaser Pix

Over on the All Things Tim Yahoo List we are having a Christmas pennant swap. I have been working all week on these and my
creative muse is in over drive :)
Here is a teaser picture of some of the items Im using on the ones Im swapping. Will post finished pictures soon.


  1. *sigh* Those look awesome, and while I also have a huge pile of Christmas rosettes on my desk, they are not for the pennant swap. You are weeks ahead of me!!! I have SO many projects to get done!!!!

  2. "I'm dreaming of a whi... what?". Bear, your beautiful Christmas rosettes got me singing a Holiday song-before Halloween! I'm a gonner!

  3. You've thrown me in to a panic! Mine are still just ideas floating around in my head!!!
    And these look gorgeous!
    I better get my butt in to gear! lol

  4. Super job!! I look forward to receiving one of your pennants!! I've never done anything like this before---i'm with Karen---although I was experimenting on a tag yesterday. :) Be so blessed!