Sunday, July 25, 2010

Compendium-of-Curiosities-Challenge week 6

Where does the time go when your having fun? Summer is in full swing and the weather here in Georgia is Scorching HOT!

So is all the talent being shown on Linda's Compendium-of-Curiosities-Challenge on her blog Studio L3

This is my offering for this weeks challenge, I decided to make a card for my daughters 25 birthday which is next Saturday. Am I getting old or what?

I killed two birds with one stone with this one.

Hope she likes it.


  1. I am sure she will love it. It is very very beautiful!

  2. I'm sure she'll love it!...great card!

  3. Ooh she will love it, fab card. Annette

  4. love your numbers! nice card!

  5. We'll add your gorgeous card to the list of things that are scorching hot, Stephen! What a beautiful birthday greeting for your girl-- she's certain to cherish it. Your Multi-Medium work is awesome, and the colors are so happy and warm. Love it!

  6. Great card, Stephen! I'm sure your daughter will absolutely love it!

  7. If your daughter doesn't like it, send it to me! lol It's wonderful, Stephen!

  8. Very elegant card Mr. Bear...she is a lucky girl to have an artistic the batiky background & the "25"!!!! Oh to be 25 again...

  9. Hello Stephen,

    nice card for your daughter ! Yes, you're getting old..LOL My eldest son is 21, so i'm getting old too :)

    I like the paper you used on the numbers. Is it a newspaper or scrapbookpaper ? I like the colors you edged them with. It makes them stand out on the backgroundpaper with the dragon.

    greetings from Belgium