Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Round Robin Journal Number 2

Ok its time for Round Robin Journal Number 2.
This artist Pam Austin, "Pamicat" used doors as her theme.
I wish I could show you the journal itself for it is absolutely Amazing!
I will leave that honor to the owner herself.
I just hope mine is a worthy addition.
As you can see I picked a cabin door to add to the journal. Not wanting it to seem so plain, I added a stained glass window pane to the door.
Here is a close up of the window. I actually stamped on to clear plastic and colored in the panes with Prismacolor Markers.
 Yes the door really opens to reveal the countryside complete with dirt road.

 And what cabin would be complete without a cat on the back porch.
I hope they like it.


  1. Fabulous door! Love the stained glass.

  2. Wonderful idea, and beautifully realized. I am sure Pam will love it. The stained glass is just so special!

  3. I really like the cabin door cover. Very clever. Good job.

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  5. Stephen! I just love your door! really beautiful and I am such a huge nature lover and in particular, rolling green meadows so you sure hit the nail right on the head! Thank you so much and can't wait to open the door in person! Oh - and that wonderful cat on the "porch"... you should know I have not lived a day on this planet without an orange tabby kept safely inside keeping the home fires warm... :) So how perfect is that!

  6. Way cool Stephen! Love the way you matched the door to the theme behind it...really spectacular!