Sunday, July 15, 2012

Altered Cigar Box

OK, So I know you are saying what does Sea Shells have to do with an Altered Cigar box.
Well my partner on this exchange said they liked everything to do with the beach so since I can't take them to to beach I am bringing the beach to them.

This is the top of the cigar box.
 Sea shells arranged in the center of the lid created a focal point. I covered the whole box in decorative paper and tissue tape then ran a piece of contrasting ribbon around the outside.

As you can see I also included round wooden finials on top and barrel shaped ones on the bottom to mimic the look of an old boardwalk from times gone by.This is the view from the back.
Notice the light house 

 This is the view from the front adorned with a sail boat.

And this is the inside. I told you I was bringing the beach to them. Blue Sky and warm sand adorn the inside of the box. I also included some loose shells just for fun. 
The lid is hinged with chain since I used real shells on the top to stop the lid from flipping the box over since the shells are so heavy.

And of course I had to a tag and some vintage beach photos for the new owner to play with. 
I hope they enjoy it as much as I did making it. This was my first altered cigar box, but somehow I don't think it will be my last.


  1. Gorgeous!!! You've convinced me to sign up for this type of altered swap next time around (if I have time)! Love it all!!!!

  2. Your cigar box is a fellow beach lover I am sure your swap partner will be thrilled with this!!

  3. It's beautiful, and beautifully done! I'm sure whoever is getting it will fall in love at first sight.

  4. That's so cool! Any beach lover would be thrilled to receive this!

  5. I love the vintage boardwalk feel. It reminds me of Atlantic City pre-casinos. Great job!

  6. Wonderful!! Your Swapee will surely love this. I think it is absolutely beautiful.

  7. So beautiful, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. Breath takingingly stunning!! I love it!!

  9. I love anything to do with the beach, so of course, your box speaks to me. Your partner is very lucky not only to receive the box, but all the goodies inside!

  10. This is absolutely beautiful, Stephen!!! And now I REALLY am missing the beach!!