Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Craft Studio Reveal

Well folks I finally decided to just go ahead and show you what became of the empty studded room. I kept trying to get it just perfect before I took the images and shared them with the world. But today I decided that just like art it will always be a work in progress so here goes nothing.

When you open the door on the right side you are greeted by my pegboard wall of Tim Holtz and Sizzix dies and embossing folders.

I cant get the angle right to show it all at once, so this is the top half.

And this is the bottom half. I got the peg board and most of the brackets and hooks at various yard sales for literally just a few dollars.

Here is a peek further into the room

As you can see I really need more paper, LOL Yes those are 12 x 12 pads.
The best part here everyone is all the shelves were free!! A friend was having an estate sale and these all came from her mothers home. All I had to do was go take them down. Sold!

Shelves beside my work space. Again all from yard sales for just a few bucks.
Most of the binders are all Tim's stamps, Not all but most.
Notice the chest sitting on the shelf?

This little gem I got for $2 buck at a yard sale. What could be inside? Hmmmmm???

All of my Distress stains of course. It was originally a display for note pads from a local gift shop that had a liquidation sale. Again the owner sold me the box with the risers inside for only $2 dollars. Who could resist? all I added was a piece of Tim's paper to the inside and its perfect!

This is it, where I make all my art happen... My little space.

Here is my spinner with all my ink tools. Sitting on top of a spice rack I got for a buck.
Works great re-purposed for spinning my inks around.

Beside me is a bank of file cabinets with 3 drawers each. 2 small ones on top and a large one on bottom. I got 7 of these, Are you ready? For FREE!! A local public storage location was throwing them away out of someones storage unit. Just had to pick them up and give them a coat of paint. Oh yeah all the table tops came with them too. How cool was that?

Here is a closer look where you can see that there is pegboard all the way across the space. There are all my stickers and rub ons. The drawers are housing my punches, paint daubers, and other various tools. Crop a Dile, iron, glue gun etc...

Yes there is a second work space on the far right. Anybody want to come play?

Turn around and its die cut central. I got this kitchen island, again at a yard sale for only $15 dollars.
It has a marble top and one large drawer. In the drawer I am housing all my embossing powders and extra cutting plates.
I added a peg board panel on the wall to house more embossing folders and dies.
Most of these are Cuttlebug and Spell Binders with a few Sizzix mixed in.

Guess where my new Vagabond will live soon?
Underneath is more paper, mostly Basic Greay and Bo Bunny Collections.

To the left is my old paper shelf now housing magazines and books. Along with other assorted storage holding game pieces, ephemera and other assorted treasures.

To the right is my wall of wooden rubber stamps being housed in 4 new custom built shelves.

I even got the light fixture for $3.00 you know where.
I didn't realize how much I have actually have purchased from yard sales for this area,

I even have a shelf in the closet that I bought for $8.00 that is metal and has 30 drawers. Was used by a florist for Mylar balloons. Each draw is 8 inches wide and 12 inches deep. I have all my 6x6 and 8x8 papers in here plus my 4x6 mats. Other drawers house tissue tape, metal findings, paint brushes, fragments.
You name it and I probably have at least one. Its truly a blessing to have it all and now to have it all in one organized place.

If you have read this far, Thanks for sharing in my excitement. Lots of art coming soon!!


  1. Woo Hoo! I think I could in that space! Good for you, what a feeling of accomplishment!

  2. Awesome room, great job and wonderful deals to boot.

  3. Your room is fabulous!! Yes Sir, I'd like to come play! Love how organized it is and all of those Most of all love how much paper you have!!!!!!

  4. OK...I thought I had a lot of stuff till I saw this. Love your new room and I can't wait to see what you come up with as your new creations. Enjoy your new space and have fun with all your toys in arms reach.

  5. Wonderful room. a man after my own heart - get storage items as you can - as cheaply as you can and repurpose those same storage containers. Would love to come and play but you are far away!

  6. Wow. I am totally speechless! All I can say is - I would love to go garage saling with you and I'll be over in about 6 hours!

  7. What a great space, you sure found the good deals at yard sales. I love it when I can repurpose something that was supposed to be for something else. It all looks so nice and organized. Shari (cricutrookie)

  8. Great space! I love finding a deal at yard sale/thrift store.

  9. a well deserved space my lets see all the creations you will make. spend one day just looking at your studio and spend the next day playing with the beautiful "must have" partner in crime you are waiting on!!! You know what I mean!! LOL Enjoy
    Love, Liz
    Liz Walters
    Prescott, AZ

  10. Holy cow that was really fast!!! You must have worked non stop! And, what the cheese??? This looks like the cutest shop ever and I want to come shop...not a working! You are one organized dude!!! WOW!!! I need lessons! Beautiful...congrats!

  11. Wow Stephen, I am so impressed. I think the green eyed jealousy monster crept out for just a moment. JK
    Your studio oozes good vibes and creativity! Enjoy.
    Happy Creating, KayJay

  12. WOW that is an awesome space. I love your garage sale treasures. You have put together an outstanding, creative work (if you can call it work) space!

  13. It looks like a are so lucky. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend, Annette x

  14. Very cool studio! Love the shelves where you keep your 12x12 paper pads. You were on the right time at the right places for buying or getting those super storage things! Have fun in your studio!

  15. WOW! totally awesome thanks for sharing. This has definitely changed my mind on those yard sale finds that I know I need but pass up, no more.

  16. I sure do want to come and play! Who wouldn't? Congratulations on a job VERY well done. As for your bargain are a super shopper, Stephen! (say that five times fast)
    Enjoy your space and get busy making art!

  17. I am so happy for you Stephen. It must be wonderful to wake up to this each thrilling.Congrats..and enjoy.

    Big hugs,
    susan s.

  18. Holy Shitski! Can you come to Wisconsin and spruce up my area? What a fantastic job you did and for next to nothing!!! i need two long light fixtures like that for my room. I am in the basement and it is not bright enough most of the time even though I have three Ott lights and two double windows. If it's cloudy out or evening, it is hard to see good. Maybe my eyes are just getting old. LOL Congrats on a job well done!

  19. Wowza Stephen! What a fantastic studio and what an amazing bargain hunter you are.
    Totally deserved, you are very talented. Can I come yard sale shoppng with you one day pleeease? Paula in the UK.

  20. You are the smartest shopper!!!
    I love you room! You did an excellent job. It's so neat!!!
    Have fun creating!!!

  21. Wow what an amazing space with so little money spent. I wish we had yard sales here in Greece!

  22. WoWzA, what a fantastical crafting space! And your yard-sale finds are amazing ... what a pleasure it must be to craft in this room! Save me a seat!!

  23. Just wonderful! You have gotten very lucky with your garage sale/used items finds! I love it when a well organized and useable studio does not break the bank..leaving more $ to buy goodies to stock that studio!

  24. Whew!!! I'm totally impressed. Wish you lived closer do I could crash in you studio!!! All your hard work paid off.

  25. Stephen, you have a ROCKING studio!!! How very cool - enjoy every moment in there!

  26. What a great space! and so organized!!!!
    Can't believe how much paper you have!
    hugs Lynn

  27. love the room. i can sure see why it has taken you the time it has to put it all together. your yard sale finds are incrediable, love the "free" stuff too. the floor looks great too, hard to think it was bare cement, nice job of finishing it
    have fun in there, because it is now ready to create in

  28. What an awesome space and arrengement. I want to go shopping with you.

  29. At the first glance I though it was a scrap shop not an amazing scraproom!!
    Wow I love how you arrange your stuff.

  30. Stephen,
    What a great studio. Wish you could come organise mine. You did a super job with some super bargains, so happy for you. Can't wait to see what you create in there.
    Gail in Oklahoma

  31. It looks fabulous! What garage sale finds! I never find such good stuff! :-) looks like a fabulous place to work to create! :-)

  32. Wow, Stephen, this is FABULOUS! And what great bargains on those shelving and drawer units! FANTASTIC!!

  33. OMG!!! stephen I'm speechless....thats not a craft room thats a shop!!!! Good for you !

  34. Wonderful space, Stephen!!!! As we say at my house...You done good!!! I'm amazed at how many things you found for nearly nothing and have repurposed everything to make your studio a great space to create!!

  35. Very cool space and what a great bargain shopper you are!


  36. What a great craftroom this has become and thanks for sharing it with all of us! I see some great ideas around. Be happy and very vreative!

  37. Wow!! Very nice toys you have there Mr. Bear. Good for you!

  38. Hello Stephen,

    wow, you put a lot of love, work and thought in your workspace !
    It's really a neat and very good organized room : lovely space to create in.

    What I like a lot is that you reused so much stuff that you got for free and from yard sales. This proves that you can achieve a lot just by waiting and looking out for bargains. I've seen craftrooms on the internet that are indeed organized, but it's easy when you have the money.
    I love your room much more !!

    And keep the second place for me open to maybe play some day :)

    greetings from Belgium

    1. Thanks Inge, You are welcome to come play any day.

  39. I am drooling with envy! Love your workspace and storage ideas! Love your Tim pop up card! Thank you for your comments too!


  40. FABULOUS, Stephen!! Looks GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  41. WOW what a space, great storage etc. Almost looks like a store...

    so jealous!

  42. Oh my, what an absolutely fab space you have, those paper shelves are just awesome, you lucky lucky thing.

  43. Wow! I am in awe. What an amazing space to create in. I love the way you kept the dies, etc. in the original packaging. I also love the shelves with paper pads. One great space.

  44. Great space! You are the king of 2nd hand finds!