Sunday, September 19, 2010

One on One Halloween Tags

My good online friend, Inge Bekaert asked me if I would be interested in doing some one on one swapping. Of course I said yes, I mean have you seen her work? If not check it out here.
Anyway we agreed to swap 5 for 5 Halloween tags. I must confess I have been making these for a while now but what a great way for me to share them with someone and get some fabulous art back in the process.

Tag 1. Witch.
Made with Tim's Retro Halloween Stamp and a spider web stamp from one of his older sets. All embossed and hand colored.

Tag 2. Raven
Stamped again with one from Tim which I embossed and added some raven borders from Recollections. A metal corner from Tim's Ideaology finishes it off.

Tag 3. Bloody Skeleton
Several of Tims stamps. The skeleton is actually covered in Rock Candy Stickles but it doesnt show up so well in the picture. The Halloween is embossed in blood red slick enamel.

Tag 4. Witch Hazel.
I got this idea from the current issue of Stampers Sampler. They had a challenge called Different points of view. Using only one stamp to create unique images.

Tag 5 Ancestors
The ancestor stamp from Paper Artsy. I love their stamps. The framed man is actually a sticker from Recollections. Notice the ghostly blue image.

A closer look from the side revels the ghoul hiding inside the frame. Don't you just love it?


  1. I love them all Stephen! I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

  2. What awesome tags! Love that ghoul! Too cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is such a great idea swopping tags and yours are terrific. Annette

  4. why yes...I really do LOVE them! so very cool...especially that last one! cher

  5. Oh, very cool, Stephen!! VERY!

  6. OH WOW, Stephen!! These are WONDERFUL!!! Looks like you had FUN this weekend!

  7. They are all wonderful! Inge will love them, and I'm sure whatever she does you will love as well. Two of my favorite artists swapping!

  8. Fantastic work Stephen. I'm sure that Inge will love them!

  9. These are really awesome, Stephen. The image on that last one is freaky cool. What a wonderful swap!

  10. Hello Stephen !

    One week I could hold myself not looking at the tags you made... just one week... I was busy this week for school and no time to create, but now I have and my intention is to start my tags for you ... and my curiosity took over !

    YES, all these tags will be MINE !!!
    I do like them a lot. I'm also glad you used Tim's vintage halloweenstamps, cause I don't have them, so your pieces will be one of a kind on my halloweendisplay.
    I'm so glad I dared to ask you to do a one on one swap :)

    I like them all , but the last is maybe my favorite. The picture of the hidden ghost is so freaky !

    Oh... my friend will be so jealous !
    I'm off to create for you ! I'll let know when they are finished and we can send them out to each other !
    greetings from Belgium