Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just for Fun Fragrance Flower Contest

Hey Everyone
Hope your having a great day. Being inspired by going green and constantly looking for a reason to play with my Alteration Dies by Tim Holtz, yeah like I need a reason. I decided to have a little contest.

I received a recent mailing about fragrance from one of our local stores. Maybe you got this mailing too or maybe not. However if you know your fragrances then you have an advantage. I used my Tattered Floral die to cut up the mailing and create the flowers you see.

There are 10 different current fragrances represented by them. Email me your guesses and I will pick one winning entry from the all of the correct entries to win all 10 flowers and a grab bag of other fun ephemera for you to play with. I will accept either the fragrance name or the designers name.
(Hint* there are both mens and womens)

Contest will run through Sunday 10/3/2010.
Winner to be announced Monday 10/4/2010.

Please put Fragrance Flower Contest in the header of your email and send your guesses to me at

Have fun and Good Luck!


  1. What a great idea. I have no clue as to the fragrances, but absolutely love the idea.

  2. Fun contest. I look forward to seeing the answers. I don't know much about fragrances or designers.

  3. Smells like a winner of a contest! Wish I had gotten that Fragrance advertisement...

  4. have no idea but it sure made for some really pretty flowers. Clever idea.

  5. I don't wear perfumes but love this contest!

  6. beautiful flowers but i have no clue what fragrances are repersented

  7. No idea here either!! Interested in seeing the answers though! Someone will be a lucky winner!!

  8. Fragrance?

    I have no idea what you're talking about ... but I do LOVE your flowers!

    So, how about this ...

    #2 looks like an Estee Lauder sort of flower.

    #8 reminds me of Clinique's "Happy"

    #7 is reminiscent of a cologne I remember men wearing in the 1980s ... very strong ... what was it called ... surely something like "Romantic Sailor/Rodeo/Rocker Guy Who Knows It's OK To Cry."

    Finally, while #4 does not bring to mind a particular scent ... it does make deeply wish that my mother had kept all of her "hideous" Go-Go outfits ... I think I would have loved to wear them.

    :) ... sorry ...

  9. no idea either but i just had to say... i want that tattered floral die!