Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Prize Package Arrived!

Today my prize package that I won from Tim Holtz that was so graciously and carefully packed by Mario Rossi arrived today.


The breakdown of all the wonderful goodness is as follows:
  1. Mini Holidays Stamp set CMS066
  2. Mini Holidays Stamp set CMS096
  3. 6 x 6 Grunge book
  4. Game Pieces
  5. Pocket watch
  6. Pen Nibs
  7. Movers and Shapers Mini Tickets
  8. "Brand New" Love Stuck Biz Die
  9. Plaquettes
  10. Hanger Clips
  11. Fractured Dolls
  12. Bird cage
  13. Nostalgic Tissue Tape
  14. Studio Matte Multi Medium
  15. Glossy Accents
Its Like Christmas Day all over again. Believe it or not there were only 2 items in the box that I already have. Its like you knew exactly what my stash was missing.

Thank you Thank you Tim and Mario for making my day with your wonderful generosity.
You two are just the greatest. Hopefully I can thank you in person one day.

Stephen - Bearcrazyman


  1. Popped over from ATT to drool. Oh. my. goodness. I can see why you are in shock! Wow!

  2. You definately hit the jackpot. Congradulations and have fun playing with all your new toys.
    Sandy Y.

  3. Wahoo for you! Mine came today too!! Similar items, but a few different things. What a great day!

  4. Drooling just like a St. Bernard after drinking out of the toilet! OMG!

    Good for you, you deserve it!

  5. So happy for you! Enjoy!
    Gail in Oklahoma

  6. Wow! What an awesome prize package! Congrats on your awesome win!

  7. Wow, what a fabulous prize package! Those two are the best ever!!! Enjoy your goodies and make some great art. I know you will!!!!

  8. Congrats Stephen!! What an awesome prize pack.