Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Working from the Stash

Over time you pick up little pieces of ephemera here and there. Ending up with an amazing collection of bits and pieces... A lot of very cool stuff for sure, most of it little gifties from online friends sent along with cards and swaps.

Im taking a cue from another online friend, Eileen and forcing myself to create some art from all the wonderful things I have collected. Below is the first of my creations I will aptly call my

From the Clutter Collection

This card was created from one piece of paper and one playing card. I cut up the paper and altered the layers.
All I added was a die cut bee and some stickles. And Stamped it of course!

"All You Need is Love"
Again, Wonderful scrap paper and Ephemera image from a swap. Lay them all out with some canceled Love Stamps and a die cut Dragon Fly. Victorian Valentine maybe?

"Inside My Own Head"
Started this card off with a left over image I stamped for an ATC Swap.
Layered up with some 7 Gypsies tags and a sentiment from Tim.

"Thanks for the Lift"
I really like the way this one turned out. This is an old Western Auto Tag, a cancelled auto stamp, a 7 Gypsies journaling tag, and some old ticket stubs.
Layered up on a fantastic piece of paper that I stamped with an auto tag background stamp.
Since getting a ride is sometimes called getting a lift,
I love the play on words of Thanks for the Lift. I will definitely use this card as a Thank You.


  1. These are all wonderful Stephen! Great way to do that stash bustin'!

  2. All four are great - but, my faves are the last 2 cards- love that steampunk man & the car thank you card is a hoot! Great way t use up the accumulation & make way for new stuff!!!

  3. WOWZA have been busy! Love them all!!!

  4. Wow, what great pieces. Love the you are using your collection of goodies---so we can enjoy them too!

  5. OH WOW Stephen!! These are WONDERFUL!!! It's so hard for me to use some of the stuff I have....but I've been trying and Eileen are great inspiration for this!! :)

  6. Great idea! I'm trying not to hoard, too. You've made some fantastic cards with your stash!

  7. very nice work....I love the birdcage of my favorites!!

  8. They are all fabulous and so creative. Annette x

  9. So cool! Glad to have nudged you to using up some of that STUFF! You know, some things do last, but I've found most of what I've hoarded in the past has dried up, broken, faded, or otherwise lost its appeal. I say, use it while it still works! (and that goes for more than just art supplies, LOL!)

  10. I soooo need to follow that advice!
    Great collection of cards.