Saturday, January 16, 2010

Motorcycle Crash

Hey everyone

Wanted to share my misfortune :(
I crashed on my motorcycle Friday afternoon. I have a fractured shoulder and a fractured ankle both on my left side. I believe in the power or prayer so if you could send one my way it would be most appreciated.

You can see my x rays below. Yes I had a helmet on. I hit some gravel on the road and left the roadway and crashed onto the ground not the pavement thank goodness

Thanks In advance


  1. Been there, done that but fortunately no breaks for me. Won't go into the details but suffice it to say 'not fun'! Please take care so you'll heal quickly & smoothly!

  2. Oooh, that hurts! Take care of yourself and heal up. At least now you'll have to time to make art! If you can use your hand that is. LOL

  3. OUCH! Glad you were wearing a helmet. Hope you'll be feeling better and scrapping those x-rays soon!

  4. Oh, now it hurts even more - seeing the fractures! I wish you VERY quick recovery!

  5. I'm beginning to have sympathy pains! Hope all goes well and heals quickly...and hope you are able to continue with your art during your recovery!

  6. You have my prayers for sure!
    I do hope that while you are recovering you'll be able to make art...think of it as absolute necessity!
    Heal fast, my friend.

  7. I'll be sending cyber hugs to help your recovery go faster. Be sure and take those pain pills, they will help your body heal faster...believe me, I know (a few times). Will be praying for you. Kathy